Street Food

V. Dorset’s range of veggie street food – From our trademark Loaded Roast Potatoes with artisan toppings, stunningly authentic Kentucky fried style Seitan, 100% plant based deep fried cookie dough Weirdoughs or tantalising wraps we can do anything. Vegan options available for all street food dishes!

2019 Calendar

Autumn Schedule:

Dorset County Show – Dorchester – Sept 7-8 (Loaded Roast Potatoes)

Pop up on the Pier – Portsmouth – Sept 14-15th (Loaded Roast Potatoes)

Vegfest 2019 – London – Oct 26-27 (Kentucky Style Fried Seitan & Weirdoughs cookie dough)

2018 Calendar

We had an amazing time at these fantastic events below last year. We will return to most plus some even bigger events, stay tuned!